About Us

World ASL (American Sign Language) Series of Poker is a tour to bring renowned poker games to all deaf, hard of hearing, interpreters, and family members of deaf or hard of hearing adult poker players of all languages in different regions of America. We will be hosting poker tournaments at different casinos. The tour is officially named World ASL Series of Poker (WASP) and has five co-owners: Jay Levine of San Antonio, Texas, Matt Erickson of Austin, Texas, Dan Stoddard of Austin, Texas, Lana Coker of San Antonio, Texas, and Molly Sachs of Austin, Texas.

We recognize there is a gap between the desires and needs of these poker players and the lack of established poker games in different regions of America. This tour will bring the poker gaming experience closer, thus creating diversity and interesting challenges for you!

Jay Levine has 11 years of experience in operating large poker events and is involved with several poker leagues. Jay’s WASP tour responsibilities will be the management decisions and managing public affairs.

Matt Erickson has 10 years of experience managing poker leagues and managing large local poker series. Matt’s WASP tour responsibilities will be daily tour operations and making arrangements with law offices and casinos.

Dan Stoddard has 8 years of experience in leading large local poker series and participating with other leagues. Dan’s WASP tour responsibilities will include accounting, financial management, and public relations.

Lana Coker-Pawlak’s and Molly Sachs’ statements of experience is forthcoming.

To keep in touch with us for information of upcoming tournaments, locations, dates and results, please visit and keep in your favorites: www.WASPtour.com or www.facebook.com/WorldASLSeriesofPoker on Facebook. You may send an email to info@wasptour.com or write a letter to this address:

World ASL Series of Poker
P.O. Box 12151
Austin, TX 78711
Phone/VP Number: 512-675-0227

We look forward to seeing you at the tables!

Jay Levine, Matt Erickson, Dan Stoddard, Lana Coker-Pawlak, and Molly Sachs